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Assetto Corsa *2014-2017* – V1.16.3 [+All DLCs] [MULTi5-ENG]

Assetto Corsa for PC / Windows is a realistic racing simulator, developed by an independent development studio, Kunos Simulazioni. The players have the opportunity to take part in races against artificial intelligence or live opponents on the faithfully mapped tracks. The game was designed with a view of the capabilities of modern graphics cards that support DirectX 11 libraries.

Assetto Corsa is a project of the independent Italian studio, Kunos Simulazioni, credited for netKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy. The developers set themselves the goal of creating as realistic racing simulator as possible addressed exclusively for the PC, and utilizing the benefits of advanced graphics technologies.

In this game, there are licensed models of cars of different classes – from manufactured cars, through prototypes and conceptual model, to the racing legends of GT and Formula 1. All vehicles are mapped with attention to detail based on laser scans. Both their appearance, technical parameters, and driving physics were also certified by the manufacturers. The race tracks were (it is worth noting that the studio Kunos Simulazioni office is located in Vallelunga track) mapped with equally great care.

The production of Assetto Corsa had been initiated in 2008, to which engineers and professional drivers were invited. On the basis of proprietary game engine, the developers were trying to build an advanced driving simulation model while maintaining high playability. Visuals of AC utilize the potential of DirectX 11, including technologies such as blur, HDR, dynamic lighting, and real-time soft shading.

The developers did not forget about the fans of modding. The toolset included lets them add a personally designed tracks and new vehicles.


Available Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Additional Content:

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